The meaning of BlueAura

Blue is the colour of communication. Aura is an invisible magnetic field surrounding anything, be it alive or dead. To understand the meaning of BlueAura, we need to understand clearly about Auras and colours.
Every colour has its own natural characteristic. Let’s have a brief overview of all the colours before we discuss them in more detail. Black is the colour for luxury. White is the colour for peace. Red is the colour for energy, vibrancy, youthfulness, and anger. Orange and yellow are for creativity. Green is the colour of nature and green is very soothing to our heart. It has a calming effect specially the deep green colour, the colour of tree leaves. Blue is the colour for communication. It’s the colour of sky. Indigo and violet is for spirituality.

Colours and their meaning

If we mix two colours, we get another colour. Same is true for characteristics of a colour made by mixing two colours. For example, if we mix black with blue we get navy blue. Black is a colour for luxury and blue is for communication and openness (like the sky). Hence, we can expect navy blue to possess both these properties. Depending upon the concentration used the properties will also vary. For example, the navy blue shade obtained by mixing 40% blue and 60% black will carry about 60% luxury and 40% openness. If we use 40% black and 60% blue then the shade obtained will now posses a different characteristic than the one just discussed. We can say the same thing about all other colour combinations.

What is an Aura

Aura as stated earlier is an invisible magnetic field around a living or dead thing. Although aura is invisible to the naked eye, you will get surprise to know that an advanced special camera can capture the aura very well. The photographic technique of capturing aura is called Kirlian Photography after its scientist Semyon Kirlian in 1939. To know more about Kirlian photography please visit the Wikipedia page here.

The camera used for Kirlian photography is Kirlian Photography camera. It’s a very advanced camera that can capture the faint magnetic field around anything (also called aura). Check this YouTube video to see what an aura looks like around a human being.
Auras as you can understand after watching the above video have different colours. The colour on the crown (slightly above our head) is our purple colour. It’s related to spirituality. If someone is very spiritual, then the crown aura will be stronger. There are seven different colours at different parts of the body. We call these chakras. The purple chakra on the crown is called crown chakras. To know more about chakras you can visit this page about chakras.

 So what is the meaning of BlueAura?

As you can now understand, the blue chakra is the throat chakra. All the verbal communications that we do is via throat. Our speech comes from it. Throat is the bridge between our brain and our body. All the thoughts come from brain. Throat is the tool that we used to convey what we think and feel. So the colour blue also signifies what we think and feel and what we want to communicate to the outside world.
Although it’s a very short description of Auras and colours, you can now understand very well what exactly is the meaning of BlueAura  and the logic that goes behind naming it.

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